About us

The KNMI Data Platform is part of the KNMI, the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute. One of the core activities of the KNMI (as a duty of care on behalf of the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management) is the generation of meteorological information.

The meteorological information is collected at a national and international level for the purpose of the safety task and, for example, to monitor the climate and to explore developments. This data is then available for reuse by organizations/companies. Without conditions, without restrictions. In principle on the basis of Creative Common licenses. The KNMI Catalog provides an overview of what is available and is directly linked to the data register of the Dutch Government.

KNMI Data Platform in development

Improvement of the KDP catalogue

In the coming year, the KDP development team will continue to improve the data services of the KDP platform. Currently we focus on improving the findability of the datasets. For this we will improve the quality of the descriptions and implement search functionality. The basis for this will be the KNMI dataset catalogue, in which the metadata (dataset descriptions) have been defined.

Notification API

It was agreed with the users that the first thing to work on is a 'notification API'. By using this API the user will receive a signal as soon as new data is available. The testing of this notification API has started. Based on the findings of the test group it will be decided how to proceed. Do you want to join the test group? Contact us (opendata@knmi.nl)

Developments in information provision

The Data Services team will continue to develop the information provision. We focus on the website, the English version is now online. We are going to make a top 10 of most downloaded datasets and in response to the questions we have received, we want to set up a FAQ page. In addition, we will continue to produce newsletters to keep you informed.

KDP continuous development

Please be aware that KDP is constantly evolving with the aim of improving the services for our users. Our goal is to only develop functionality that is really necessary for our users. Feedback is therefore appreciated! You can reach us by e-mail (opendata@knmi.nl).