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This is the renewed environment of the former KNMI Data Center. The KNMI Data platform provides access to KNMI data on weather, climate and seismology. Here you will find KNMI data on various subjects such as the most recent 10-minute observations, historical series, data about meteorological measuring stations, model calculations, earthquake data and satellite products. In addition to KNMI datasets, we also make datasets from other parties available, such as ECMWF, ECOMET, EUMETSAT and WMO.

At Open Data you will find the data offer of KNMI. We follow the Government's Open Data policy and offer various options for obtaining Open Data. This can be done anonymously or by registering your email address.

If you would like services or advice on data products, you can find more information about the options we offer for a fee under Data Services.

At About Us you will find more information about KNMI and the roadmap of our Research & Development team. You can keep an eye on the Latest page for the latest updates, notifications and statistics.

If you have questions or wishes about functions that you are missing or that are unclear, please contact us.