Unless otherwise stated, the Creative Commons zero statement (CC0) applies to the content of this website. This means that reuse of the content of this site is permitted, unless a specific part (for example a document) indicates that a copyright exception applies to that part.

The CC0 statement does not apply to photos, videos, infographics or other forms of image. It is therefore not permitted to reuse or transfer the image, unless it is explicitly stated with the image that it is permitted.

Reuse content

When reusing the content of this website, attribution is not required. However, when citing the content, the impression should not be created that the KNMI simply subscribes to the purport of the derived work.

Rights that remain unchanged

The following rights are not changed by Creative Commons zero statement and thus remain in effect:

  • Patent rights and trademark rights.
  • The rights of others, either to parts of this website or to the way in which the website is used, such as portrait rights or privacy rights.