Newsletter 16 April 2020

In this newsletter attention for the following:

  • Progress KNMI Data Platform
  • Thank you for participating in our survey
  • Update Radar API group

Progress KNMI Data Platform

As mentioned in our previous newsletter, we are one month behind in the roll-out and implementation of the new KNMI Data Platform. We expect to be able to start the transition phase in early May 2020. It will then continue until mid-June 2020.

The KNMI Data Platform development team is currently working on the implementation of the API developer portal, in which the API’s will become available. As soon as this work is completed, it will be made available for testing. Then we will also make examples of API usage available.

Thank you for participating in our survey

In a separate email a few weeks ago, you were invited to participate in our survey about user requirements and service. A large number of our readers took part in this, for which we thank you very much. The results are very valuable to us and will be taken into account in the further development of the new KNMI Data Platform.

One result that emerged clearly from the survey is the wish to be able to download via HTTP download (browse and click).

We are therefore going to implement this user wish. HTTP download (browse and click) will probably become available shortly after KDP is going live.

Pie chart enquete
Image: KNMI

Update Radar API group

The Radar API group has grown in the last few weeks with a small number of participants. With this number we now have a good group for our digital work session which will take place at the beginning of May. The participants will be informed personally.