Newsletter 15 May 2020

In this newsletter attention for the following:

  • Progress KNMI Data Platform
  • Query KDC shut down
  • Announcement phasing out HIRLAM

Progress KNMI Data Platform

In our previous newsletter, we indicated that the transition from the current KNMI Data Centre (KDC) to the renewed KNMI Data Platform (KDP) would start early May 2020. We are now working on this internally. We are tackling the rollout in phases, which means that we are expanding our user group on KDP every week. This will allow us to detect and solve any unforeseen problems in a controlled and clear way. We expect to have KDP available for all our users by the beginning of June. This will be followed by the 6 week transition phase in which KDC and KDP will run in parallel so that you will have time to switch.

The KNMI Data Platform development team is currently working on merging the various components of KDP into a single entity (such as the API developer portal, the data catalogue, the web pages) so that KDP can be opened up for use.

Query KDC shut down

We have heard from various parties that difficult situations may arise in relation to the Corona crisis if we shut down KDC at the end of July 2020. That is why we would like to ask you if you can indicate whether this is the case for you.

We are talking here about completely disabling the ftp- and http-download functions via our current platform. Of course, we have taken your wish for retention of http-download into account and will make this available in the new KDP as soon as possible. The development of this functionality will start on the 19th of May.

Please inform us about this via

Announcement phasing out HIRLAM

Apart from the transition to our new platform, there will also be a change in the weather model data portfolio of KNMI. As of July 1st, 2020, numerical model output from HIRLAM will no longer be available and only HARMONIE-AROME production remains (currently the deterministic output of cycle 40).
The HARMONY-AROME calculation area is significantly smaller than that of HIRLAM. For applications that require a larger (output) domain, reference can be made to the ECMWF. KNMI can facilitate the organization and setup of ECMWF data (via

For further questions on this subject, the Data Services team can be reached by email (