Newsletter 9 June 2020

In this newsletter attention for the following:

  • KNMI Data Platform is online!
  • Progress KNMI Data Platform

KNMI Data Platform is online!

As indicated in our previous newsletter, we use different phases for the roll-out of the KNMI Data Platform (KDP). We are expanding the user group each week, which means that it is now your turn to get access. The following url will take you to the KDP landing page The available data products can be found under the tab 'Data Catalogue', these are the same as what is available on the KDC. Via the tab 'Developer Portal' you can find information about how to use the API's.

It has already been reported that the presentation via KDP is under development, also from a technical point of view (e.g. adding the option to get http downloading back again). We would like to hear from you via if you encounter any issues. 

Next week we will announce the link to KDP on the KDC website so that all users are informed. From that week onwards, KDP and KDC will run 6 weeks in parallel. The plan is to permanently replace KDC by KDP on Monday 27 July. We will of course keep you informed about this.

Progress KNMI Data Platform

The KNMI Data Platform development team is currently working on the option of downloading via the catalogue (via browsing and clicking). Next to that they are working on the data upload API in preparation for the Ruisdael measurement campaign. KDP is responsible for storing and distributing the data for the Ruisdael consortium. For more information about Ruisdael, see the Ruisdael website.

The development of the radar API is scheduled for the third quarter. A radar API workgroup has been formed via this newsletter. With this group a workshop is planned to inventory the wishes around the API. Through this newsletter we will keep you informed about these future developments.