Newsletter 11 September 2020

In this newsletter attention for the following:

  • KNMI Data Centre (KDC) replaced since 27 July
  • Developments website
  • New developments KNMI Data Platform
  • Adjustments actual 10 minute dataset
  • North Sea platform F16A dismantled
  • New data products on KDP

KNMI Data Centre (KDC) replaced since 27 July

As you have noticed as a loyal user of our data platform, KDC ( has been linked to the new data platform ( since 27 July 2020. With this, we have switched to the 'Public Cloud' with our Open Data streams. There have been no major complications. This means that KDC has been definitively replaced by the KNMI Data Platform (KDP).

Developments website

The data platform currently contains minimal descriptions of the KNMI datasets. On the website you can find information about our Open Data, the KNMI Data Services and data that we can supply under license on behalf of our European meteorological partners. This is also the place where we will provide more context and explanation about the KNMI data.

New developments KNMI Data Platform

During the summer vacation the developments continued. It is now visible which KNMI Open Data datasets (Dutch) can also be delivered as Data with a service. In the data catalogue of the dataplatform a column is added with 'Data service', this refers to the product page on Here you will find the description of the dataset and what the costs are. In addition, technical improvements have been made and the development team has actively answered (technical) questions from users. Our goal here is still to answer within 5 days, although this has not always been possible in the summer.

In the coming weeks the development team of the KNMI Data Platform will start building radar APIs and improve/rationalize the radar production chain. Of course, the workshop participants will be informed as soon as test versions are available.

Adjustments actual 10 minute dataset

We received many e-mails about the actual 10 minute dataset. We have entered a new version of the files with file names including a date-time label. The version without the time label will expire.

Read more technical details on the news page of the developer portal of KDP.

North Sea platform F16A dismantled

Location North Sea platform F16A will be completely dismantled. This means that the KNMI equipment with which meteorological observations were produced was switched off on the 1st of September 2020. Since this date, no observational data is available from this location.

It is expected that 2 more platforms will be dismantled in 2021/2022. Please take this into account when you are actively using these data.

New data products on KDP

In the previous newsletter it was stated that there will be no changes to the availability of KNMI data on other KNMI web domains, including the KNMI project pages. This will be the case for the coming period. However, it will change around medio next year. The ultimate goal is to facilitate all KNMI data flows via the KNMI data platform and make them traceable. As soon as we know more about this, we will inform you.

As a start, 2 datasets have recently been made available on KDP, which were previously available via These are 'Historic observations of the Netherlands' and 'Frequency tables 1981-2000'.