Newsletter 20 May 2021

In this newsletter attention for the following:

  • The new KDP data catalog is online!
  • What is on the program for the coming period?
  • First datasets of WINS50 project available on KDP
  • Top 10 most popular datasets
  • Survey evaluation newsletter

The new KDP data catalog is online!

Have you noticed it yet? The new data catalog is now online. We have replaced the old one with the new one so the link remains the same. Take a look directly at the site:

What has changed? A lot! The site is clearer and there is now a real search function. The descriptions of the datasets are directly searchable. In addition, it is possible to search via 7 thematic entries. In both cases, the search results can be further refined via filters. The information with the data products is also much more accessible due to the direct presentation of search metadata core labels, and API endpoint for download programming.

What is on the program for the coming period?

Now that the data catalog is online, we are of course not done with this. We will continue to improve these and of course supplement the KDP with new datasets (see also the next topic).

In addition, we will be working on improvements to the APIs in the coming period (including adding deprecation headers, improving APIs for uploading data). Much of this is work under the hood.

First datasets of WINS50 project available on KDP

The first two datasets of the WINS50 project (Winds of the North Sea in 2050) are now on KDP. The project aims to reduce uncertainty about the interaction of large-scale offshore wind in the North Sea and the atmosphere. The datasets contain wind speed, wind direction, temperature, air pressure and relative humidity at an altitude of 10-600 meters.

  • The data are available as daily files for the Netherlands.

Browse link:

  • The data are available for the Netherlands as time series per grid point for part of the original model domain.

Browse link:

More information about this project can be found on this website.

Top 10 most popular datasets

Our statistics showed that the Current 10 minute dataset is by far the number 1 most downloaded dataset by open data users. Curious about which datasets are further in the top 10? Look at the statistics on our website.

Survey evaluation newsletter

We have been sending newsletters since 27 February 2020 to keep you informed about developments. Meanwhile 11 newsletters further we are curious how you experience our newsletters. That is why we would like to ask for your opinion. Based on the outcome, we will decide to continue the newsletter or to focus on other communication channels.

Via this link you will find 7 questions that you can answer within 5 minutes. Thank you in advance for your time.