Newsletter 2 July 2021

In this newsletter attention for the following:

  • 1-year anniversary KNMI Data Platform
  • Feedback: Survey evaluation newsletter
  • Anonymous API key has been replaced

1-year anniversary KNMI Data Platform

Around this time last year we all started converting our scripts and data flows from the old KNMI Data Center (KDC) to the new KNMI Data Platform (KDP). With the help of the Developer Portal we have switched to the 'public cloud'. Not only have we given our data a new location, but our website KNMI Data Platform has also been completely renewed.

We have been online for almost a year now and have continued to develop the platform considerably. The new data catalog in particular is a visible improvement for you as a user.

We have actively engaged with you, our users, by setting up a newsletter, answering your questions by email and taking your wishes into account in the further development of the platform.

Thank you for your responses to our survey (read more about this in the following topic) and also thanks to those who participated in the working groups to further develop the radar APIs. This has resulted in the experimental 'notification API', where you receive a message via a webhook when there is new data. Interested in joining this? Please contact us.

Feedback: Survey evaluation newsletter

Thank you again for the responses we received through our survey about what you think of our newsletter. We have received a lot of positive reactions and are working on the feedback. The request for more information about the availability of data is unfortunately not addressed to us. Based on our Open Data policy, we make the data available to you without further service. We adhere to the requested percentage of availability of Open Data and with our new platform we are well above that. If you wish to be kept more informed you can contact our licensing office ( for a paid service.

Based on the outcome of the survey, we have decided to continue the newsletter and not to actively use other communication channels. In addition, our website will remain the place to read up on topics.

Anonymous API key has been replaced

As of July 1 this year, the 'old' anonymous API key will be removed. Since the beginning of June a new API key is available for you. This key has an expiration date on June 1, 2022. If you have not switched yet you can do so now. We recommend that you use a registered API key when you run a script with the anonymous API key. You can use this API key indefinitely (within the set "rate limit" and "quota") and you do not have to share the "rate limit" and "quota" with others. In addition, the registered API key will not expire, so your application is not dependent on the life cycle of the anonymous API key.

For more information, and a link to the new anonymous API key, please click here.