Anonymous API key 2021 will be removed

In a previous news message we indicated that an 'old' anonymous API key would be removed on July 1, 2021. Due to technical difficulties, this was not successful before and we are going to try this again.

As of March 1, 2022, the 'old' anonymous API key will be deleted again. If you haven't switched yet, you can do so now.

We recommend that you use a registered API key when you run a script with the anonymous API key. You can use this API key indefinitely (within the set "rate limit" and "quota") and you do not have to share the "rate limit" and "quota" with others. In addition, the registered API key will not expire, so that your application does not depend on the life cycle of the anonymous API key.

More information on the new API key you can find via the following link or you can contact us via