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Open Data

The KNMI Data platform is the Open Data download facility of the KNMI. Most of the data you will find here is freely available and is provided as 'Open Data'. In addition to KNMI data products, KNMI can also provide advice and services in making meteorological data available from and on behalf of European Meteorological organizations.

KNMI Data products

The KNMI offers up-to-date data products based on what the market needs. Under KNMI data products you will find more information about the product categories.

The following link takes you to the KNMI Data Catalogue where the metadata of all data offered by the KNMI can be found. The name of the dataset, a summary, API and metadata are shown in one table. Here you can search for a specific dataset by using ctrl+F.

Here you will also find access to the Developer Portal and further explanation on APIs, API keys and how to register. A good place to start is the get started of our Developer Portal. You can also go to the FAQ for your questions.

Open Data policy

KNMI follows the Government's Open Data policy. Making Open Data available for reuse means actively making data available as free downloadable files. The services for free downloadable datasets are limited from a cost perspective. The download facility and capacity for making open data available is limited to a best-efforts obligation with regard to availability and timeliness. Open Data does not provide services such as technical support or security of data delivery.

KNMI has an alternative for this: a (payment) option for data downloads where various services are provided. Read more about this at Data Services or visit for more information about the Open Data policy of the Government.

Reuse of Government information

This is reuse as referred to in the law of reuse of Government information (Dutch) as far as intellectual property rights of others do not restrict it, whereby additional services can be provided on the basis of an agreement.